PHI Hosts Regional Convenings for a California Public Policy Action Plan for
Climate Change

Strong synergies exist between addressing climate change and promoting 
public health, yet climate change mitigation and adaption policies do not
 always harness these opportunities to achieve win-win
 solutions. The atmosphere in California is ripe for synergistic efforts and
 knowledge sharing focused on climate change and public health. Work
 continues throughout the state to reduce emissions from transportation, building energy use, waste, and land use patterns. We must ensure that important public health impacts are considered when climate change policies at the state level are developed and implemented. At the same 
time, priority consideration must be given to the most vulnerable 
communities in California through efforts to address both physical and 
social determinants of vulnerability.

The Center for Public Health and Climate Change will be hosting two regional 
convenings, in Oakland (October 11th) and Fresno (TBD).  Key stakeholders from multiple sectors will discuss public health and 
climate change public policy and advocacy priorities in California, and will explore opportunities for closer alignment and coordination. Through 
these convenings, PHI will gather input for a California Public Policy
 Action Plan for Climate Change that will serve as a roadmap for the Center
 for Public Health and Climate Change. The plan will guide the Center’s work to advocate for institutionalizing
 public health safeguards and for maximizing 
public health co-benefits in state climate policies.