Climate Change Conference (COP17) Coverage November 28-December 9, 2011

Throughout the COP17 Confernce, PHI partnered on and co-sponsored a range of events and activities pushing for attention to health, nutrition and equity in climate action and agreements. Read on to learn more about the conference, our activities there, and the outcomes for health of what transpired at COP17.

PHI Report 

Enhancing Women's Leadership to Address the Challenges of Climate Change on Nutrition Security and Health

PHI Statement

Oakland, CA -- As nations gather in Durban to discuss climate change, PHI urges global collaboration, and greater attention to health impacts of climate change

Conference Events Related to Health

Addressing the gender dimension of vulnerability, 11/30 PHI leads nutrition discussion.

Climate and Health Summit, 12/4, PHI partners on this event.

Nutrition and Climate Change, 12/4 co-sponsored by PHI, for more information.

In the Media

PHI Op-Ed in RH Reality Check explains Why the International Climate Negotiations in Durban Matter for Women.

Cristina Tirado interview on Climate Change TV for Gender Day at COP17.  

Speakers from Nutrition and Climate Change event at COP17, interviewed by Outreach Stakeholder Forum

IRIN News (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) quotes Cristina Tirado and partner organizations on their efforts to include reference to nutrition, and to women and children, in COP agreements. 

Director Cristina Tirado writes about PHI's report on enhancing women's leadership, in Outreach Stakeholder Forum.   

Climate and Health Summit press conference.

Women's Environment & Development Organization's Digital Dialogue on Gender, Health and Climate Change.

Blog Series

12/13 Durban Deal Not Enough for Health, by Cristina Tirado

12/10 Momentum for Change, by Cristina Tirado

12/10 To Save Tomorrow Today, by Cristina Tirado

12/9 Optimizing Health in Transport and Climate Change Measures, by WHO

12/8 Climate and Health Summit Declaration and Call to Action, by Jeni Miller

12/8 COP17 Events Focus on Gender and Climate Change, by Jeni Miller

12/7 John Balbus of NIEHS Speaks About Climate Change and Health, by Cristina Tirado

12/5 Carbon Emissions Show Dramatic Jump in 2010, by Jade Sasser

12/3 Climate Conference Focuses on Agriculture, by Jeni Miller

12/2 UN News Highlights Efforts of Health Constituents, by Jeni Miller

12/2 Getting Involved in Climate Change Planning, guest post by Robert Ogelvie

11/30 Placing Gender Front and Center in Climate Change, by Jade Sasser 

11/30 The Securitization of Climate Change, guest post by Corinne Schoch

11/29 Stakes for health high at COP17, as Kyoto set to expire, by Jade Sasser

11/27 Enhancing Women's Leadership, by Cristina Tirado (also posted by Outreach, 11/30)

11/18 Addressing the Gender Dimension of Vulnerability, guest post by Rachel Harris

Twitter Campaign

The Center focused on health, nutrition, and women's leadership in its tweets reporting on conference events and activities, @ClimateHealthCx using hashtag #cop17, and PHI also followed the conference @PHI_Policy.


Delegate contact information: Contact your country's delegate, to urge greater attention to health. Click on Annex I (mostly industrialized nations) or Non-Annex I (mostly developing nations) for the appropriate list of countries, then click on your country for your delegate's contact information.

World Health Organization's (WHO) recommendations for changes to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to make sure health is addressed in the Convention's policies and implementation mechanisms.

US Press Briefing, US Special Envoy for Climate Change Todd Stern