Climate Mitigation

Report: Renewable energy supply better able to withstand extreme weather

ImageThe tsunami that has thrown Japan into a nuclear disaster is a powerful reminder that when weather events exceed our predictions, our most basic infrastructure can suffer the consequences.

Could climate leader California come out ahead as the globe warms?

Altamont Wind FarmBecause California is so far ahead of other states in preparing for climate change, it may actually benefit economically from their failures as those states' residents go west.

Bangkok climate talks fail to make progress

ImageSighs of relief could be heard the world over after the UN climate talks in December delivered some concrete progress where the previous year’s had failed. But this month’s round of talks in failed to build on that progress and instead became mired in the same tension between industrialized countries and developing countries that the adaptation funding mechanism established in Cancun was intended to ameliorate.

World cities unprepared for climate change

ImageA new study conducted by Patricia Romero-Lankao at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado, suggests that cities around the world are failing to take necessary steps to protect residents from the likely impacts of climate change. 

Senate blocks effort to eviscerate EPA

ImageThe Senate, in welcome moment of sanity, has voted down an amendment backed by House Republicans — led by the chair of the House Energy Committee, Fred Upton — to permanently ban the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases.

California approves aggressive renewable energy standard

ImageEarlier today, the California Assembly passed a bill that would oblige state utilities to get a third of their energy from renewable sources by 2020. It is one of the most aggressive standards in the world.

Deadly coal industry fights new EPA regulations

ImageWith the very real prospect of a nuclear meltdown in Japan, Mother Jones published a graphic that shows that coal is, by far, the most lethal form of power on a lives-per-terawatt basis. It’s an important reminder: Earlier this week, the EPA proposed new Clean Air limits on utilities and the industry has unleashed its lobbyists to cry wolf in Congress.

UNICEF: Climate change among most serious problems facing global youth

ImageIn its recent report, The State of the World’s Children 2011, UNICEF includes climate change among the most serious issues confronting the next generation. Youth will have to confront climate change long after our current leaders have died. But, even now, they are disproportionately affected by it.

Why coal-fired power plants need Clean Air regulations

ImageCoal-fired power plants generate more air pollution than any other industrial source, but they are among the last industry to be affected by amendments to the Clean Air Act passed two decades ago. The EPA is preparing to announce long-delayed regulations for electric utilities on March 16.

UN says only sustainable agriculture will feed the world's hungry

ImageThe UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food has put out a new report on how best to feed the world's exploding population. Of the report, the Special Rapporteur Olivier De Schutter remarks, "To feed 9 billion people in 2050, we urgently need to adopt the most efficient farming techniques available.”

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