Climate Mitigation

Clean Air Act saves money and lives

ImageA new report by the EPA evaluates the predicted regulatory costs and benefits of implementing 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments over the next decade. The results are, well, breathtaking.

Improving air quality delivers double the bang for the buck, studies find

ImageA new report put out by the United Nations Environment Program found that reducing soot and smog could reduce by half the effects of climate change we will experience over the next half a century.

Poll: Most Americans support clean air and carbon regulations

ImageWith Congress trying to whittle away the powers of the Environmental Protection Agency, the American Lung Association decided to commission a poll to see what public support for the agency actually looks like. The results showed overwhelming support for clean air regulations, including carbon caps.

California climate law challenged on environmental justice issues

ImageWe're used to big polluters mounting legal challenges to efforts to get them to clean up their acts. But the ongoing legal challenge to California's groundbreaking climate law seemed to come out of left field — from environmental justice groups concerned with the disproportionate effects of pollution on low-income and minority people.

Attacks on EPA misrepresent the agency's success

New Mexico power plant prior to EPA limits on sulfur dioxideIn an ongoing effort to forestall carbon regulations, the new Republican House is agitating to cripple the Environmental Protection Agency. Newt Gingrich went so far as to call for the agency to be scrapped.

Climate change fueling Eyptian protests

ImageMost major political shifts are caused at least in part by economic pressures. Food prices are now at an all-time high. Those prices have, according to a wide range of analysts, contributed to the political revolts first in Tunisia and now in Egypt.

Study: Clean energy future lacks only political will

ImageA study in the wonky journal Energy Policy makes the case that the whole world could be using exclusively renewable energy within 20 years. The plan doesn't even include nuclear power, natural gas or biofuels, which sometimes spur deforestation.

Nobel Prize-winning doctors group tackles climate change

ImageLast week, Physicians for Social Responsibility released a set of essays attempting to answer the question, How can we integrate scientific evidence into our climate and energy policy choices?

Climate change is now the priority issue of this Nobel Prize-winning group, whose early work in the 1970s helped shut down the U.S. nuclear industry for decades, a fact that underscores the dramatic health risks of climate change. These are doctors after all.

Will Jerry Brown deliver on public health and climate change?

ImageEnvironmentalists are excited about Jerry Brown's election as governor of California. Brown has already reappointed the Air Resources Board's stalwart leader, Mary Nichols. And as Secretary for Natural Resources, he's chosen the staunchly environmentalist former Santa Cruz legislator John Laird.

But Brown inherits a serious budget deficit and a troubled political system, and his first move was to propose a tight budget (find the California Budget Project's overview here [pdf]).

One unexpected way your health and the climate relate

ImageIt shouldn’t be all that surprising that what’s good for your health — say, walking instead of driving — is good for the planet, since the planet is your habitat. But this one took us by surprise: If you undergo general anesthesia for surgery, you may as well have driven up to 470 miles, according to the California Institute of Technology.

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